AHS Cheerleading

To Pay Cheer Fees and purchase add on items Via PayPal

To purchase multiple items while in PayPal hit “continue shopping” to return to add on options.   Base fee includes any clothing items that are mandatory pullover, leggings,  1 bow, water bottle), as well as fees for season, transportation to/from away games,  team t-shirts, spirit items, team bonding event, etc.  If additional items (non mandatory) or if lost/non-fitting items need to be replaced, they can be added on below.

Freshman & NEW JV Base Fee click here ($235.00):

Cheerleader Name

RETURNING JV Base Fee Click Here ($130.00):

Cheerleader Name:

NEW Varsity Base Fee Click Here ($280.00):

Cheerleader Name:

Varsity Base Fee for RETURNING VARSITY CHEERLEADER’S Click here ($145.00):

Cheerleader Name:

Add on Items:
Sweatshirt with name on back: $40.00
Backpack with name: $35.00
Additional Bow: $15.00
Additional Pullover: $55.00
Additional Water Bottle: $15.00
Additional Leggings: $35.00

Add On Items