AHS Cheerleading


Welcome to the AHS Varsity Competition informational website.
The varsity, junior varsity, and freshman sideline teams have been building school spirit and cheering their teams on to victory since the school opened in 2004. Some of the girls from each squad are also members of the varsity competition cheerleading team and participate in 5-6 competitions every year in the Atlanta area. They have qualified to compete at the state level competition 7 out of the last 8 years, often placing in the top ten in their division and even earning first place at the State Championship in 2010.

Seat saving is a hectic, but necessary process. As you know, our team is scored on crowd spirit, so it is important that we sit together to maximize our cheering. On competition day it will be imperative that you arrive early (before the doors open) as a group at the designated time (which will be determined the week of the competition). You will need to block off a large group of seats for AHS. We are estimating that we need approximately 40 seats We have signs, pom poms, etc, that you can lay across the bleachers to help you save the seats. You will need to place yourselves in the “corners” of our section to make sure no one steals our seats. We know from last season that there are some fans from other schools that will swoop in and think nothing of stealing our seats! Until other AHS fans arrive, it will be necessary for you to protect the entire section that we are saving.


** If you have an asterick next to your name, you are responsible for the banner and spirit gear (signs and poms) – bring to the comp, hang banner, collect gear and pass on to the next comp designees. If you are not assigned a competition for spirit gear, you will be asked to help at state.**

We are asking girls to pack a lunch, or breakfast, depending on the compete time this year on competition days. Team moms will provide waters and snacks, but not full meals, unless you are otherwise notified.